Do you need air duct sealing in Clovis, CA? At Allbritten, we take the guesswork out of ductwork. Our HVAC duct sealant services prevent air from leaking out of the metal vents that distribute air throughout your home. The more air that escapes your vents, the less effectively your system is working. This causes your HVAC system to work harder and can increase your energy bill.

If you’ve noticed that your heating and cooling system seems to continuously run or feel air leaking out of exposed ductwork, reach out to us immediately to schedule an inspection and estimate. Otherwise, you could lose as much as half of the hot or cold air meant to maintain your home comfort! With air duct sealing from Allbritten, you save energy and money and maintain your preferred temperature effortlessly.

Expert Air Duct Sealing in Clovis

When do you need air duct sealing? Without proper insulation and sealing, your ductwork cannot contain the airflow generated by your HVAC system. Instead, much of the air can leak out through holes, cracks and loose seams. Ductwork usually runs through walls, crawl spaces or basements, making it hard to access.

So, how can you tell there’s a problem? High utility bills and rooms that don’t stay warm or cool enough can point to a big issue with your ductwork. Musty smells and excessively dry or humid air could also indicate that you don’t have sufficient air flow due to defects in your ductwork. Kinked and tangled ducts may be costing you more money than you know.

Our BPI-certified energy-efficiency specialists inspect your ductwork, pinpointing potential leaks. Then, once you approve the estimate, our technicians complete all work necessary to properly insulate and seal your HVAC system. We also offer 100% satisfaction guarantee at this time of our confidence in our team!

Here are some of the signs that you need HVAC duct sealant services in Clovis:
  • Weak airflow to certain rooms
  • Poor air circulation throughout your home
  • Musty or dry indoor air
  • Stuffy home environment