Allbritten Guardian Maintenance Club Your home deserves the very best. Our Guardian Maintenance Club delivers.

    As a member, we make annual maintenance easy and convenient for you. When it’s time for a tune-up, our team will give you a call and set up an appointment. From our hassle-free service to our friendly technicians, you’ll love the experience of working with Allbritten.

    Here’s what your membership includes:
    • Starting price of $20 a month.
    • Automatic renewal.
    • Annual spring and fall cooling and heating tune-ups.
    • Front-of-the-line priority service.
    • 15% off most cooling, heating and plumbing repairs.
    • Access to exclusive specials and coupons.

    To learn more about our Guardian Maintenance Club and pricing details, give us a call. Or, fill out the form above to get in contact with us online.

    Our tune-ups have their benefits.
    • Reduced Breakdown Risk: A cooling or heating tune-up greatly reduces your risk of a breakdown in the months ahead. It gives our techs a chance to catch issues early and optimize your system’s performance.
    • Lower Utility Bills: By cleaning out your cooling or heating system and optimizing your comfort settings, our tune-ups can help save you money on your utility bills in the coming summer or winter. This can really add up!
    • Greater Indoor Comfort: Needless to say, a tune-up helps your air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump work better. This results in better indoor comfort with less money spent on utility bills. That’s a win-win for your home.
    • Extended System Life: Regular tune-ups—like those you get as part of our Guardian Maintenance Club—help keep your HVAC systems in working order, reducing their cumulative wear-and-tear. This leads to a longer lifespan.
    • Preserved Warranty: Most new HVAC systems come with a manufacturer’s warranty protecting critical components, such as the compressor. There’s just one catch: to keep the warranty, you need an annual professional tune-up.
    • Consistent Heating & Cooling: If you’re finding that your system doesn’t cool or heat rooms equally, it might be time to have our technicians take a look. A tune-up can make your cooling or heating system more consistent.
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    We offer comprehensive maintenance.

    Check Refrigerant Levels • Check Suction & Head Pressures For Compressor • Check Voltages & Amperages For All Motors • Inspect Service Disconnect • Tighten All Electrical Connections • Inspect & Oil Fan Motor • Inspect Coil & Check Fin Condition • Inspect Condition Of Line Set • Check Unit Level • Confirm Proper Coil Operation • Inspect Blower Filter • Inspect & Clear Condensate Drain Line • Inspect & Test Thermostat • Change Standard Filter

    Inspect & Clean Pilot / Flame Sensor • Test Motor Amperage Draws • Inspect & Adjust Burners • Visually Inspect Heat Exchanger • Inspect Combustion Air Inlet • Inspect Combustion Fan Motor • Inspect Burner Ignition • Inspect & Test Fan Temperature Switch • Inspect & Test Limit Switch • Inspect Safety Controls • Check Performance Of Flue • Inspect All Blower Bearings • Inspect & Oil Motor Bearings • Inspect Pulleys & Belts • Inspect Electrical Connections • Inspect & Clear Condensate Drain Line