Like other mechanical appliances, your furnace produces some noise while in operation. However, the sounds coming from your heating unit should be almost unnoticeable. In fact, modern units have up-to-date technology that ensures heating systems operate quietly for the majority of the time.

If your equipment suddenly starts making unusual sounds, it can be a sign of a problem with the furnace. To the untrained ear, it’s difficult to figure out what’s wrong with a heating system. Therefore, take action by calling an experienced and knowledgeable technician who will help you understand why your furnace makes the unusual sound. Noises such as popping, whistling, and banging may indicate dirty gas burners, cracked heat exchangers, or a loose part. Here are the furnace noises you should look out for and the likely reasons for these sounds.

1. Scraping Noises

A grinding or scrapping noise, especially one that resembles metal rubbing on metal, is a sign of a loose part in your heating unit. The blower wheel may have become loose due to the continuous pounding against the housing casing, which can even make it break. Also, the scraping sound could result from a ball bearing wearing out.

Turn off the furnace once you notice the sounds of metals rubbing against each other and wait for our team from Allbritten to inspect your appliance. If the blower fan or wheel has slight damage, our professionals will repair and tighten it as fast as possible. In the case of a broken blower wheel, we will make a replacement and ensure your furnace works quietly and correctly.

2. Loud Banging Noises

Usually, your heating unit makes some sounds when you turn it on. These are caused by the expansion and contraction of the ducts. However, if the sound is a loud boom or a banging noise, it can indicate an issue with your system. Therefore, turn off your furnace immediately and call our team if you hear these loud noises.

Dirty furnace burners are one of the main reasons for loud banging noises. Over time, dirt accumulates on the burners, which causes a delay in the ignition. Gas builds up in your unit, leading to a loud bang as the burners ignite. If you keep ignoring these banging sounds, they can crack the heat exchanger, making it more expensive to repair. Scheduling tune-up service can also help prevent this issue since our professionals clean the burners as part of the routine maintenance.

3. Squealing Noises

Screeching, whining, or high-pitched squealing sounds also indicate a problem with your heating system. The noise can result from a slipping, fraying, or loose blower belt. It could also be due to a malfunctioning blower motor, which can cause more furnace problems that need significant repairs. Also, the shaft or motor bearings may dry over time, leading to screeching sounds.

To prevent your system from malfunctioning, ensure you seek professional assistance from our team as soon as you hear squealing noises. We will quickly assess your furnace to determine the cause of the screeching sounds. Lubricating a dry bearing and other moving parts can resolve this issue. If the motor is the culprit, we can resolve the problem by either repairing or replacing it. Again, furnace maintenance by our professionals will go a long way in taking care of these issues early enough to prevent unexpected problems during the cold months when you need the furnace most.

4. Clicking Noises

Usually, heating systems make clicking sounds when starting a new cycle. You should hear these sounds for about 10 to 15 minutes at the start of each new cycle. If you hear the clicking noises more often, there is a problem with your furnace’s ignition system. Your appliance’s ignition device creates combustion to generate heat for your system. When your appliance fails to ignite, you might hear a clicking sound as the ignition equipment struggles to light.

Ignition issues result from dirty burners, damaged flame sensors, broken thermocouples, and defective ignition valves or boards. Control panel issues, a broken fan motor, and compressor problems can also cause clicking sounds. The best way to deal with repeated clicking noises in your furnace is to contact our team for a thorough inspection to determine the most effective solution.

5. Thwapping Noises

Unlike most noises produced by a faulty furnace, thwapping isn’t distracting. It’s almost similar to the sounds made when cards strike the spokes of a bicycle wheel. This sound is due to an object interfering with the blower blades or something from the appliance’s interior touching the blower.

If you fail to address this issue quickly, it can increase the rate at which the motor or belt wears out. When the motor wears out, the heating unit will have to work harder than it should, which reduces efficiency levels. Therefore, reach out to our professionals if you notice a constant thwapping noise from your appliance. We will diagnose and fix your furnace to ensure your unit remains efficient, saving you money and preventing costly repairs in the long run.

6. Humming Noises

When your furnace is running, a dull humming or buzzing noise shouldn’t raise the alarm. But when the humming sound becomes consistent and noticeably loud, there might be an issue with the blower fan or motor. Other electrical problems, such as a faulty transformer, a failing capacitor, or a bad inducer motor, can cause buzzing noises.

Call our technicians to inspect your system when you notice humming sounds coming from your heating unit. We will inspect the electrical parts of your appliance, pinpoint the issue, and resolve it.

7. Rattling Noises

Another furnace noise that you might overlook is a rattle. Rattling sounds usually seem like a metallic object bouncing around your heating unit while it’s operating. This can be a sign of loose screws or panels. In worst cases, rattling noises can result from a broken exchanger due to a dirty filter restricting airflow into your furnace. This means there is excess heat that can make the exchanger crack. Note that this can leak carbon monoxide into your home, which is a huge risk to your loved ones.

Seek professional assistance from our technicians immediately. We’ll respond quickly with all the necessary tools to fix this issue. Our technicians will tighten the loose screws, doors, panels, and other parts to see if that will solve the problem. Depending on the damage and severity of the situation, we can also repair or replace the heat exchanger to eliminate these noises.

Let the Right Experts Help You Eliminate Furnace Noises

Whichever noise your furnace makes, get professional help from our team at Allbritten. Don’t try fixing any issue yourself, as this may lead to more expensive repairs. You might even endanger the lives of your family members. Our company is family-operated, and we have over 30 years of experience in the HVAC industry, so we are good at what we do. Better yet, our priority is ensuring that your home remains comfortable, so we’ll go the extra step to resolve any furnace problem correctly without taking shortcuts. We have also invested in the best tools to diagnose and fix any problem with your heating system.

Our NATE-certified technicians offer our customers comprehensive services, including heating installation, AC repair, heating repair, AC installation, heating maintenance, AC mini-split installation, and AC maintenance in Fresno . Reach out to us at Allbritten today to help address your furnace concerns immediately.

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