Do you need water heater repair and replacement in Fresno, CA? Without a working water heater, life at home becomes tough. Avoid this massive disruption with reliable water heater repairs that make hot water generation more efficient. Water heater replacement services allow you to choose a modern unit with or without a tank. Additionally, you can benefit from water heater installation in your new home or home addition.

Without a working water heater, life in your home will come to a standstill. No more washing dishes, running laundry or taking morning showers. It’s a huge disruption—and why you need to call Allbritten as soon as possible for water heater repair.

If your home needs a new water heater installation here in Fresno, we can help with that, too! Our plumbers install both standard and tankless water heaters in local homes. Just give us a call to learn more about which water heater is right for you.

Here are some common water heater issues.
  • No Hot Water: This the most common of all water heater problems. The heating element stops working, which means no more hot water for your home. Our plumber will need to diagnose the exact cause of this issue.
  • Leaking Tank: If you’re noticing water beading on the outside of the unit, look for any small cracks or fractures. If you find them, call us right away. This could be a sign that the tank shell is compromised.
  • Pooled Water: Pooled water at the base of the unit either means the tank has high pressure or there is a leak in the tank shell. Either can be cause for concern, so make sure you give us a call to avoid problems.
  • Rust-Colored Water: If you’re noticing hot water comes out rust-colored, that’s an indication there is corrosion inside either the tank or your pipes. We’ll obviously want to rule out your water heater as the cause.
  • Limited Hot Water: Your water heater may still have some hot water, but you may be noticing its overall capacity getting worse. This is probably due to sediment and corrosion building up at the bottom of the tank.
  • Broken Pressure-Relief Valve: As the name suggests, this valve keeps pressure from building in the tank. However, if the valve is broken or stuck in the upright position, it cannot release pressure, potentially leading to a burst.