If you want to keep your air conditioner running efficiently, a tune-up is essential. It can lower your summer energy bills.

For top-tier AC maintenance in Fresno, CA, you’ll always get exceptional service from our technicians at Allbritten. Scheduling a professional AC tune-up is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your household cooling system. By getting this service taken care of during the spring or early summer, you can set up your home to remain comfortable, safe, and energy-efficient when the weather is at its hottest.

Our thorough, professional tune-up service boosts your AC’s efficiency, reduces the risk of a breakdown, and improves your summer comfort.

Here’s why your AC needs a tune-up
  • Lowered Breakdown Risk: A spring AC tune-up drastically reduces your risk of a summer breakdown. Why? Well, for one, it gives our techs a chance to catch small issues early, before they lead to big problems or a breakdown.
  • Summer Energy Savings: An AC tune-up makes your air conditioner far more efficient in the summer ahead. This means more cooling for less money. You’ll save on your utility bills throughout the hot summer months.
  • Greater Reliability: On the hottest summer nights, there’s a peace that comes with knowing that your air conditioner just got a clean bill of health in the spring. An AC tune-up makes your system more reliable.
  • Improved Home Comfort: In addition to an efficiency boost, homeowners will also notice that their air conditioner is cooling their home more effectively. Maintenance helps your AC unit perform at its best.
  • Extended System Warranty: Your air conditioner is likely still covered by its manufacturer’s warranty—critical coverage for its major components. However, these warranties usually stipulate that you must book annual tune-ups.
  • Longer System Life: An air conditioner that receives professional maintenance every spring is far more likely to last longer than one that goes without annual tune-ups. This can extend the life of your AC unit by years!