Water heaters are a requirement in every home and facility. If your current water heater has reached the end of its life span and left you stressed out about buying a new one, then chances are you’re probably confused about the prices in the market as well. Why do they cost so much? Where can I find a cheap water heater from? The reasons why water heaters cost so much depend on a myriad of factors.

What are these factors and how can they help make your decision regarding investing in the right water heater easier? To learn more and find the answer to all your questions, read ahead for more.

How Much Does a Water Heater Cost?

Water heaters can start at anywhere from $400 and go up to the price range of $5000 or more. This all depends on a wide range of factors including its quality, type, and features. Deciding which one to go for, however, can be tough. This rests on your water heating requirements and budget.

Factors That Make Water Heaters Cost More

Several factors contribute to the varying prices of water heaters. The reasons which cause water heaters to cost more can be explained via the following reasons:

  1. The Quality of The Water Heater

    The quality of the water heater is the main factor that affects its price range. The better the materials used in its manufacturing are, the higher the durability and reliability are going to be. This translates into the price of the water heater as well. Moreover, high-quality water heaters also come with a warranty as well, making them come with lesser risks of damage.

  2. Its Size

    If your water heating requirements are high, chances are you might need to invest in a bigger unit. As a result, the cost of the bigger water heater is sure to be high as well. In addition, instead of buying multiple water heaters for individual bathrooms, investing in a bigger one that costs more may be more efficient in the long run.

  3. The Type

    If you are looking for a water heater with a standard tank, you can find it for less than $1,600. However, for a water heater that is tankless, of a hybrid quality, or equipped with solar power features, the price can reach up to $6,000. Hence, the more sophisticated the water heater is, the higher its price is going to be.

    The Energy Factor

    The higher the energy factor of the water heater is, the more efficient it is in producing hot water. What this means is that it consumes less energy to produce hot water, saving you unwanted costs and adding to your savings. As a result, higher energy factor water heaters are priced higher than standard water heaters with average energy factor ratings.

Remember to inquire about the energy factor while buying a water heater, this will give you an idea of why the price of the product may be priced high. A good energy factor is often marked at .93 or greater.

Benefits of a Good Quality Water Heater

If you are trying to cut corners by investing in an inexpensive water heater, chances are it will not last you very long and, it may be prone to frequent breakdowns. This is why opting for a premium quality water heater, despite it having a higher cost, is the better option to go for.

  • Good quality water heaters can last for an average of 10 to 15 years
  • Access to safe and clean water for you and your family
  • Minimal repair and maintenance requirements
  • Cost-effective in the long run

Tips to Maintain Water Heaters

If you wish to have your water heater last you for a while, then there are a few repair and maintenance tips you can follow.

  • Get in touch with a professional service provider who can repair and maintain your water heater periodically.
  • Have your water heater flushed at least once a year to prolong its lifespan and prevent sediment build-up.
  • Try not to ignore signs of water heater failure. This includes foul-smelling or brown water from your taps, extremely hot water at all times, noise coming from your water heater, or even a leak.

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