Getting your air conditioner inspected by a professional isn’t probably something you’ve thought of recently. In the rush of life, it’s easy to lose track of scheduling regular tune-ups, and your air conditioner is probably not at the front of your mind—until something goes wrong and you need repair. However, Allbritten would like you to know that planning ahead with some AC maintenance can really pay off. Here’s how.

What does Allbritten look at?

Every Allbritten air conditioning tune-up starts with our technician arriving, greeting you, and then getting to work. Our technician has the specialized training needed to give your AC unit a thorough inspection—and to address any issues that arise.

At Allbritten, we conduct a 23-point inspection and AC maintenance process that includes the following:

  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Check suction and head pressures for compressor
  • Check voltages and amperages for all motors
  • Inspect service disconnect
  • Tighten all electrical connections
  • Inspect oil fan motor
  • Inspect coil and check fin condition
  • Inspect condition of line set
  • Check unit levels
  • Confirm proper coil operation
  • Inspect blower filter
  • Inspect and clear condensate drain line
  • Inspect and test thermostat
  • Change standard filter

How does a tune-up help my energy use?

During the months your air conditioner is not in use, it sits outside of your home, collecting dust and all the other elements that blow into it. Over that time, that dust can build up and lead to partial blockage of vents and airways that deliver cold air from your air conditioner to your home. Of course, that dust can also pose a health hazard.

In addition, other air leaks may emerge, leading to chilled air escaping from the system back outside. Just like your parents used to chide you when you left the front door open: “I’m not paying to air condition the outdoors!”

An AC tune-up from Allbritten will address these dust and air leak problems, cleaning coils and filters to ensure that the air you pay to chill is only going to one place: the inside of your home. The result? You get a comfortable home for less cash.

The Guardian Maintenance program

If you’re the type who likes to have things scheduled for you, consider our Guardian Maintenance program. You not only get pre-scheduled cooling and heating annual check-ups, but Allbritten also includes a number of other perks, including priority service, a 10% service and parts discount, and an extended warranty. As a Guardian Maintenance program member, you’ll be able to enjoy your comfortable home and busy life without having to remember or worry about arranging HVAC maintenance.

What makes Allbritten the right choice?

For more than 70 years, Allbritten has been the company that the Central Valley trusts with its AC maintenance, repair, and installation—as well as heating, duct cleaning, and plumbing needs. Then and now, our success is fueled by our dual commitment to both our employees and customers. The bottom line? We treat people the right way. That’s the Allbritten difference.

When you work with Allbritten, you’re not just getting any random HVAC contractor. You’re getting some of the best professionals in the region, backed by a company that is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. From the protective booties we wear in your home to the way we treat you, Allbritten believes in providing respectful and courteous service to match our HVAC expertise.

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