It’s that time of year again. As we get into fall and summer begins to fade into memory, our nighttime lows are dropping. Is your heating system ready for the colder months of winter? With a fall heating tune-up from the professionals here at Allbritten, it will be. In this article, we’ll review why heating maintenance is so important for your system, why fall is the best time to schedule a tune-up, and what makes the team at Allbritten the best choice for your HVAC service needs here in Fresno and the Central Valley.

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Your heating maintenance matters for your home

Annual system maintenance is a crucial part of owning a furnace, heat pump, or ductless heating system. Homeowners who neglect their heater’s tune-up and upkeep needs are setting themselves up for potential disasters and higher energy bills.

During your service appointment, your Allbritten technician will thoroughly inspect the system, looking for potential problems that might lead to a breakdown. They will tighten physical connections and parts, and optimize the system’s comfort settings and communication with your thermostat. We will clean out dust, dirt, and grime from inside of the system, and check your home’s air filters to ensure that adequate airflow is reaching the heating unit.

Beyond preventing breakdowns and making your heating system more efficient, here are some other reasons tune-ups just make sense:

  • Manufacturer’s Warranties: A vast majority of manufacturer’s warranties protecting your heat pump, furnace, or ductless system from defects and other errors come with the stipulation that you must schedule annual maintenance with an HVAC professional. In other words, skipping maintenance can void your warranty.
  • System Lifespan: Professional maintenance can greatly extend the lifespan of your system, putting off the day when you need to replace the heater.
  • Safety: If your home has a gas furnace, a tune-up is an important safety check to ensure that your furnace is undamaged and continues to run safely, with a precise and controlled combustion pattern. Our technician will check safety sensors on the system to ensure this is the case.

Why schedule a tune-up in the fall?

You’ll want to schedule your heating tune-up before you turn your furnace on for the first time this winter. This gives our technicians an early chance to catch any issues that could lead to a breakdown or energy-efficiency problems. It also ensures that your heating system is running its best and most efficient throughout the entire winter, which means a more comfortable home for you and your family, as well as lower utility bills.

If your home relies on a heat pump or ductless system for your winter comfort, a fall tune-up also is an opportunity to have our technicians inspect and maintain the system after a long, hot summer of extensive use. Without professional inspecting and working with the system, the cumulative wear-and-tear experienced by the system over the summer months can snowball into performance and efficiency issues in the winter.

Trust in our HVAC professionals

Only have a certified and experienced professional work on your furnace, heat pump, or ductless system, and never attempt to perform your system maintenance. Not only will this void the manufacturer’s warranty, but—without the tools, training, or know-how—you’re putting your system at an incredible risk, which could negatively impact either your energy efficiency or your home’s comfort.

For a professional heating tune-up here in Fresno and the Central Valley, contact our HVAC professionals here at Allbritten. Our experienced techs work with all heating system types, makes, and models. We’ll get your heater ready for the colder temperatures ahead—all with the great service and guarantees that Allbritten has been known for since 1932.

One of the best ways to ensure that your heating (and cooling!) systems receive regularly scheduled tune-ups and maintenance is by joining our Guardian Maintenance Club. As a Club member, we call you to schedule your seasonal tune-ups, plus you get several other great perks! Give us a call today to learn more about the Club and how to join.

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