Power surges come from numerous sources, but you can protect your home and electronics with surge protection in Clovis, CA. Maybe you’re wondering how whole house surge protection works. These devices connect to the electrical panel and prevent dangerously high currents from frying your wires and causing injuries.

You need an expert electrician to install a surge protector properly and keep your electronics and appliances safe. Downed power lines often cause electrical issues, including power surges. However, you can partner with Allbritten to choose the right whole house surge protection for your family.

Complete Surge Protection in Clovis

What devices require surge protection? Small fixtures and electrical equipment such as lamps and coffee makers don’t require surge protection. However, it’s important to protect your home against fire risks associated with electrical spikes from outside sources. Computers, televisions and electronic devices are particularly sensitive to shocks and spikes.

Contact Allbritten to discuss your options for surge protection in Clovis. We’ll start with an inspection of your entire electrical system and help you choose the best device within your budget.

Look for these signs that indicate you may have power surges that threaten your appliances and pose a fire hazard:
  • Flickering or dimming lights
  • Sparks coming from outlets
  • Frayed wires
  • Scorch marked by outlets
  • Burning smell coming from wiring

In addition to saving money on damaged electronics and appliances, a surge protector saves energy. Set up an appointment for a comprehensive inspection and receive an itemized estimate the same day. Keep your family safe and upgrade your older home to support modern electrical demands. This can also raise the value of your home.