Nothing is more frustrating to a homeowner than utility bills that keep increasing every month. If you are searching for a furnace that can keep you and your family comfortable during chilly days without burning a hole in your pocket, Carrier’s Infinity 98 gas furnace will not disappoint. The furnace is ideal for homeowners who prefer user-friendly units that are not only reliable but budget-friendly as well.

Top Benefits You Get from Carrier’s Infinity 98 Furnace

Here are just some reasons why the Infinity 98 is considered the best furnace in the Carrier series:

Works Well with ACs

What’s great about the high-efficiency Infinity 98 furnace is that it can work well with almost any AC model. However, it works best with the series’ outdoor, variable-speed AC. You can get a complete Infinity system by pairing those ACs with a Carrier thermostat and heat pump. In case you have an old HVAC system, the Infinity 98 furnace will only increase its efficiency and become a valuable part of your HVAC system.

Variable Airflow

If you have sensitive skin, chances are that consistent temperatures are a priority for you in your home. Fiddling with the thermostat wastes time and can also increase your energy bill along with your frustration. This will not be an issue if you have the Infinity 98 furnace. The system will go back and forth to find the ideal temperature you can be comfortable in and stay there. It remembers previous cycles for the perfect balance between comfort and efficiency.

Silent Operation

Older furnace models are known for being notoriously loud, even if they work well enough. The Infinity 98 is considered the quietest furnace that Carrier has to offer. It operates at sound levels as low as 38.4 decibels, thanks to the thick and insulated cabinet it is housed in. That is less than what you can hear in a whispered conversation. Rest assured you will have a sound sleep every night with your furnace working silently and efficiently.

Ensures Energy Savings

Like all Infinity furnaces, the Infinity 98 has an impressive Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating. The state-of-the-art furnace’s range starts from 95% AFUE, and it can go up to 98.5% AFUE, which increases its potential for saving.

Manages Humidity Levels Proactively

The Infinity 98 can become an integral part of your home’s comfort system. Besides maintaining a healthy temperature, it also manages humidity levels with precision. The system control, humidifier, and the outdoor unit work together to manage moisture levels and prevent them from getting out of control all year long.

Hybrid Heat System

The Infinity 98 is designed to switch between electric and gas heating to optimize the efficiency of each fuel source. It does that through its highly efficient heat pump and system control, which work together to manage heat and also take the unpredictable element out of utility costs.

Limited Warranty

The Infinity 98 is covered by a ten-year part and lifetime exchanger limited warranty for all customers registering it on time. If you fail to register within 90 days of installation, that warranty will be for five years. So you can sit back and relax since you are covered if the furnace breaks down prematurely, which this model rarely does. This warranty is a standard in the furnace industry.

Highly Durable

Carrier uses aluminized steel for the Infinity 98’s heat exchanger, which gives it extra toughness and durability that can last for years. The material is also resistant to corrosion, so it can work for years without breaking down, provided it is maintained properly.

If your existing furnace has seen better days, chances are it has become an energy vampire and breaks down more times than you can count. Its efficiency may also be as low as 70%. Make the switch with Infinity 98 to get 98% efficiency, which can significantly reduce your utility bills. The furnace is also Energy Star® certified, which means it meets all of the stringent guidelines outlined by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

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