As is apparent from the name, a smart thermostat is a device that you can control via a wireless internet connection and your primary smart device. This can include your tablet, phone, smart speaker, and any other compatible device that can connect to the internet.

How Does a Smart Thermostat Work?

A smart thermostat works in a similar way to a standard thermostat works but has more features and better control options via your smartphone or its digital display. Some top-quality brands offer wireless internet connections and smart learning technology that requires little to no programming. Others offer zoned temperature control, additional sensors, and other benefits. Choose a product that can fit your needs and budget.

  1. Reduce Energy Costs

    A smart or WIFI thermostat can save you more money than a mercury-based one. You can program your HVAC to run at certain times of the day or use less energy while cooling your home. You can also program it to kick in as soon as you or your family get home. That way, your HVAC system won’t heat or cool an empty house and increase your energy bill.

    Some smart thermostats also have movement sensors that detect when people are up and about in the house. The savings you get will depend on the type of smart thermostat you have. On average, you can save 15% on cooling and about 12% on heating costs.

  2. Keep track of your energy use

    Most smart thermostats are designed to help users track their energy consumed in real-time. By doing this, you can create an energy profile that can show you how your energy usage changes over a specific period. It will give you an idea of how you can reduce usage and, consequently, costs as much as possible.

    Remote access

    A smart thermostat can be controlled remotely via any mobile smartphone. So whether you are on vacation, at work, or just outdoors, you can have complete control over your family’s energy usage. Plus, you can increase or decrease the internal temperature before you get home so you will step into a comfortable space. If you want to go on vacation, you can adjust your cooling schedule to keep your home warm while you aren’t there.

  3. Get the Info You Need When You Need It

    No need to worry if someone changes the temperature behind your back. Your smart thermostat will alert you if it detects a change in the pre-set range. It can also indicate a problem, such as a power outage, and give you maintenance alerts to remain on schedule and ensure your heating and cooling remains at peak efficiency. The smart thermostat will also alert you if the filter needs to be changed.

  4. Control Multiple Systems Simultaneously

    Unlike traditional or manual thermostats, some smart thermostats allow users to control all indoor air quality systems, not just heating and cooling. These include:

    • Air purification – With a compatible air purifier, a smart thermostat will keep your indoor air as clean as possible to reduce allergens.
    • Humidity control – Indoor air can get chronically dry in the winter. This can lead to scratchy throats, a dry nasal passage, painful static, and other issues. In the summer, high humidity levels can cause mold growth, which can seriously impact your health. Some smart thermostats can control those levels to ensure breathable and comfortable indoor air quality.
  5. Determine Outdoor Conditions

    Most homeowners don’t know this, but external temperatures have a significant impact on the internal temperature. Smart thermostats are designed to keep track of outdoor air quality, moisture levels, and temperature in your local area. The device uses that data to make smart decisions about your heating and cooling needs. If you want to schedule temperature changes manually, the data can help you make informed decisions.

  6. How to Use a Smart Thermostat

    A smart thermostat can be installed like a traditional one. It just needs a few manual adjustments for the first week, so it can ‘learn’ your preferred temperature patterns. Once you adjust these a couple of times a day (like when you are awake, leaving the house, or going to bed), the device will adapt automatically. This way, you can reduce your heating and cooling bill significantly.

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